High Gloss Plastic Vinyl & Rubber Dressing


Long Life Rubber/Plastic/Vinyl (PVR) Dressing

  • An extremely high quality gloss tyre dressing.
  • Recommended for use in showrooms, car pitches
  • Suitable for use on slightly wet tyres or on dry tyres, external trim, door/boot shut plastic and rubber trim, wheel arches

A solvent based treatment for the renovation of all rubber surfaces.  This product restores plastic, vinyl or rubber to an almost as new appearance. Can cause slipperiness if used on internal surfaces used for standing on. 

Alternative Products :-

  •  RD400                                          (Contains silicone)
  • Super Sleek                                  (Contains silicone)
  • Slick Shine                                    (Non-silicone)
  • Quick Shine                                  (Contains silicone)
  • Sleek                                              (Non-silicone), Solvent based
  • Rubber Sheen                              (Non- silicone)
  • Multi Sheen                                   (Contains silicone)
  • Foam 'n' Shine Aerosol               (Contains silicone)
Brand Sterling Products
Code 114925
Weight 5kg