JN2 Multi Purpose Cleaner


JN2 is a general purpose concentrated cleaner and degreaser suitable for a wide range of applications. It is environmentally friendly and has formal approvals.

The dilution ratios make it a very cost effective and long lasting product. Caustic free and pleasantly perfumed. Suitable for all cleaning tasks, some popular uses are: Painted Surfaces, Vinyl, Plastic, Glass, Wheels, Vehicle Interiors, Upholstery, Engine Bays, Conservatories, Floors, Bicycles, Bug Removal, Nicotine Removal, Grass Stains, Motorbike Cleaning, Boat Cleaning etc.

JN2 can be applied via hand sprayer, pump sprayer, bucket and cloth or through a hot or cold pressure washer. A very popular product both in the valeting trade, workshops and around the home. JN2 can be diluted to as much as 10:1 depending on the task at hand and the soiling making this very good value for money.

Brand Sterling Products
Code 114190
Weight 6kg