Pink Sheen Plastic & Vinyl Dressing


Fragrant multi purpose plastic & vinyl dressing, suitable for a wide variety of uses including interior finishes engine bays, wheel arches, plastics and vinyls, leather, tyres etc. Dries to a Satin Finish (add additional layers and buff for a gloss finish) Highly Economical Interior Cleaner(alternative to aerosol products) Ideal for use on Dashboards, Door Shuts, Wheel Arches, Engine Bays, Interior and Exterior Plastics, Leather, Household.

Use as a Cleaner / Polish Pleasant Long Lasting Fragrance

Apply using a hand sprayer set to a fine mist, rub and wipe off.
If a shine is required buff using a dry lint free polishing cloth.
Use neat, but can be diluted further for use in economy applications.

Contains silicone, not suitable for use in Bodyshops.

Brand Sterling Products
Code 113882
Weight 6kg